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Tinkazette – New Built In Makeable!

Hey Tinkas,

Tinkatolli has released the new edition of their daily newspaper. Today, they’ve announced the new built in makeable, the SolShelves. A big congratulations to SolSolSol9 whose  shelf has been built in and can be built in the FurnitureShop. The items needed for it can be found in certain islands. It looks like you will need 4 pencils, 8 popsticks, 8 toothpicks and 2 grill sticks and it’s a member-only makeable.

Locations of items

Pencil & grill stick (Kelp Key ) –

Ice-cream sticks (Sundunia) –


Wow, this makeable is so cool and it requires rare, new junk such as the pencil! I can’t wait to build it. What do you think of it, Tinkas? Comment below!

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