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Trader Tinka Online!

Hey Tinkas,

Trader Tinka has returned to Tinkatolli. He’s offering 50 seeds, 50 tinkapoints, 4 paperclips, a creme periwinkle shell in exchange for a passive soldier, a black guitar pick, 2 champagne wires, 4 osier leaves and a water bottle. For some Tinkas, this may be the 10th trade and the trade that will give them the Trader X badge!

Trader Tinka’s Location (Tinkertown)

Trader Tinka’s Offer 


Guitar Pick – Stinkatolli

Passive Soldier – Sundunia

Osier Leaf – Canopia

Water Bottle – Sundunia 

Champagne Wire – Junkatolli

Amount of TradesTrader X Badge

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