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Tinkatolli September Newsletter!

Hey Tinkas,

Tinkatolli has just sent their first Newsletter, the September one. In the newsletter, they’ve shown their appreciation to all those Tinkas who have been playing in Private Beta, helping the HQ test things out, and so on. They announced that the release date for Open Beta shall be announced shortly and that some of the Private Beta gifts have been released (The Beta Egg hunt, Tinka Tester badge) They also briefly mention some of things coming out in the future such as the Golden TinkaTester egg gift which will be gained by the completion of the Beta Egg hunt. Lastly, the Tinkatester Reward Makeable contest entry deadline is mentioned too, being Friday 23rd September at noon.


Thank-you message 

Private Beta Rewards 

Beta Egg Hunt  and TinkaTester Reward Contest 

I like the Newsletter as it keeps you up-to-date with things happening in Tinkatolli, especially the major events! What do you think of it Tinkas?

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