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Tinkatolli Badges / In Development

Tinkatolli has added another section to the Tinkopedia with a Tinkatolli Badges / In Development. Check it out:

Update: More badges are under development since this morning it has been updated!


  • Blinger 10K
  • Blinger 20K
  • Art x5
  • Craft x5
  • Makeables x5
  • Furniture x10
  • Mechanicals x5
  • Seeder 10K
  • Seeder 20K
  • Sea Explorer
  • Super Explorer

These are coming soon, interesting “Super” Explorer, hmmmm & Sea Explorer.. we will just have to wait and see!

1 comment to Tinkatolli Badges / In Development

  • Sweetflame12

    The badges are so interesting… I guess I gotta work for 20,000 in order to get the future Blinger x20 badge, though I’m halfway there. 😛

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