Pottermore Book 2 Chapter 7 Walkthrough

In the first level of zoom in moment 1 of Chapter 7, you can unlock Pure-Blood.

Also in the first level of zoom, you can pick up the Bowman Wright Chocolate Frog Card.

In the grass, you can collect Knotgrass.

You can also pick up Horned Slugs.

Moving onto moment 2, you can pick up a Signed Photo of Gilderoy Lockhart.

You can find a bottle of Lilac Ink.

Behind the Lilac Ink you can pick up a Peacock Quill.

Last but not least, you can pick up a Bridget Wenlock Chocolate Frog Card.

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    • Your screen at the benniigg looks like a 12 year old made it. You take way too long to show people where to go or what to do and you dont cover everything. You may as well just call it. Me playing via trial and error. Dont pull the you think I care card because you would not have responded to me if you didnt.

  1. when you are in Lockhart’s office you can double click on the scene and it turns from day light to night time.

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