Pottermore Book 1 Chapter 5 Walkthrough

Lots of people (including myself) had difficulty navigating through Chapter 5 in Pottermore. It is in chapter 5 where we get a shopping list and have to buy everything on the list. This level can get quite tricky.

To begin with, in ‘Arriving at Diagon Alley’, you will have to pick up your shopping list.

To collect your shopping list, double click in the middle of the screen and you will see a shopping list. Simply click on it to collect it.

Now you will have the ability to proceed to ‘Harry and Hagrid Visit Gringotts’.

After you click out of that message, you will see a key and a lock. Drag the key to the lock and use it to unlock the lock.

You will receive 500 Galleons for shopping. You should then proceed to Diagon Alley.

94 thoughts on “Pottermore Book 1 Chapter 5 Walkthrough

  1. i did evrything, bought my wand, and the “ending chapter 5” button is locked!! i did evrything!! please help!

  2. I got into Pottermore today and Im trying to do this chapter at the moment, but It wont let me through to gringotts! I picked up the list and I made the Window shine lights and the gringotts doors won’t open!

  3. I can’t get my wand T_T the green letter explanation thing is cut off by the chapter border…

  4. zoom in to gringotts door and one side of it will open then click that door which will lead you to your account/./// 😀

  5. I can’t see the shopping list- I’ve clicked on that very spot, but can’t find it.

    Please help! (I’m using a smartphone by the way)

  6. that isnt how you get to gringotts, you keep clicking on the doors that are behind the shopping list

  7. i got trouble in chapter 16. i’ve found the right key.but i cann’t move on.it was still locked.how i solve this problem?
    please answer this post to my email as soon as possible.
    thanks before..

  8. When ever I get to a moment the bottom of the page is cut off. The bottom inch doesn’t show up and because of this I can’t get the list.

    • that happened to me too, but maybe that’s because you are using a small laptop. all you have to do is press ctrl key and – or + until the whole thing is fitted on your screen.

    • Thank you so much! I have been stuck on that bit for ages! I thought something was wrong but thank you!

  9. I cant get my wand because the thing at the bottom is in the way of the next question button? please help

  10. I cant get into Ollivanders:(
    I bought EVERYTHING on the list but south side is still closed & I can’t buy anything for some reason…

  11. I’m having some trouble with the shopping list. Not finding it, but the list itself. Everytime I click the “go shopping” button, it simply refreshes the page And I’m still looking at the list. I tried clicking the Diagon Alley button and the X button in the corner, but nothing works. Can anybody please help?

    • if you are on firefox than that is the problem, switch to chrome and then you can click out.

  12. I’m in past the doors of Gringotts, but I’m having a problem using the key in the account

  13. Hey, I’ve collected my shopping list and clicked on the Gringotts doors. I’m now trying to enter my vault but when I drag the key to the keyhole nothing happens, the key just floats back to where it was, any help? This is so frustrating!

    • same i tried closing the page and re opening it again and refreshing the page but nothing works.

  14. After gringotts it send me to Diagon alley right? Well the list comes out but it won’t close or won’t let me shop? Glitch or is there like a secret button because they always seem to have hidden buttons somewhere :/

  15. Everything worked just fine for me until I reached the part called “Harry goes shopping”… I can’t get the shopping list away from the screen for some reason (and yes, I’ve pressed the cross in the corner like a thousand times) so it’s impossible to reach the cauldron shop!

    Please help, I’ve tried both firefox and internet explorer and it just won’t work!

  16. Well done but may I add in “Arriving at Diagon Alley” in the first scene, second zoom on the left there’s a read about clothing sign xoxo

  17. i got everything on my list except my cauldron and my wand… and its not letting me buy it!!! what do i do1 its telling me to get everything on my list but i did except those two

  18. They forgot the article clothing in the first moment. It’s one of the buildings on the left. It will glow purple when you hover your mouse next to it.

  19. I have completed the philosophers stone book and it wont let me on 2 the chamber of secrets i have friends on the game

  20. i can’t open my Gringotts account i drag the key to the lock but nothing is happening can someone help plz??

  21. Everytime i drag the key to the key hole they key just keeps going back to the same place and doing nothing. PLEASE HELP

  22. I cant use the key. All it does is just hover over the keyhole and wont work. any help???

  23. I finished buying EVERYTHING (even the wand)
    and the page did not go through!
    whats the problem with this?! i tried everything
    i clicked every store, floor etc TAT

  24. If you click on the witch to the left of the shopping list zoomed in once you can unlock clothing as well

  25. So I already went to gringots… then i click the go to diagon alley thing…

    My shopping list appears … then… i click the go shopping button… and NOTHING!!!… how can i start shopping! oh god!

  26. when i click in the middle of the screen, it is zooming towards Gringotts. No list is appearing.What should i do?

  27. i cant open my pottermore account since d day chamber of secrets 5-11 opened..i just dont knw y plz help me as soon as u read dis

  28. I have tried and tried to get into the vault at greengots and I have tried everything I click on the key it won’t let me slide it to the key hole to unlock it it won’t let me do anything help

    • Proceed to the next chapter or if you can’t proceed. Use another browser or refresh 😀

  29. i am trying to get my wand from Ollivanders and i have selected my height and it wont go off that page to the next bit of getting my wand. if anyone can help me that would be very helpful.

  30. Which are better? The Glass Phials or Crystal?

    The Phials in Harry Potter are used to hold potion ingredients so i thought maybe the crystal would hold more, or is it a watse of money?

    • I prefer Crystal Phials. But it’s too expensive in my opinion. Glass Phials is good too.

  31. In the 1st moment you can also unlock information about Wizards Clothing. Just click on the witch in the (if I remember correctly) second level of zoom.

  32. Hellooo. I tried Pottermore just today.. and.. when i got to the stores. and pressed every store I could and nothing will appear..just the diadon ally scene and a loading pointer but it never finishes.. D’:
    Pls. Help!

  33. I’ve bought everything, but it wont unlock the south side of Diagon Alley. Can someone help??? It’s been 1 week!!!

    • Proceed to the next chapter or re-check the shopping list if you bought everything

  34. Please help, it won’t show me the bottom of the page so I can’t collect the shopping list and I’m stuck help!!

  35. You can also unlock clothing in second level of zoom. Click the white shop and viola!

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