New WWF-NZ tiger suits on MiniMonos Island

Hi Monkeys

By now you’ll have been given a email telling you all about Mini Monos new partnership with WWF-New Zealand.

MiniMonos want to help save magnificent tigers around the world and make sure they dodn’t become extinct. Minimonos are sad that the tiger population has nearly halved in the last 10 years. Can you imagine the world with no tigers?!

How can I help!?

Minimonos have now got awesome new TIGER SUITS at Traderz! The tiger suits cost 50 shells. $1 of your purchase goes to WWF’s tiger initiative and TX2 campaign to double the wild tiger population by 2022, which is the Year Of The Tiger.

When you buy your tiger suit Minimonos will email you a super-cool poster to print or save, to show that you helped WWF save real tigers.

You may also help by:

Watching out for a special video coming to Go Bananas soon, telling you about something really fun and really important that the whole Minimonos community can do, to tell government leaders next week at the Tiger Summit 2010 that MiniMonos monkeys do care!

You may have noticed by now that there is a tiger quest on MiniMonos. You will need to have a tiger suit OR be near someone who is wearing a tiger suit. That’s all MiniMonos are going to tell us about the quest right now. You must work the rest out by yourself!

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