Until September 11, everyone will be able to visit the zoo for free! It is mentioned in the latest issue of Bearville Times.

You will also be prompted to visit the zoo for free when you login.

In addition, you will receive a free Topiary Lion!


Build a Bear Workshop has introduced a new item: the Fennec Fox! The WWF Fennec Fox (first one below) will arrive in the United States and Canada on September 2, 2011. Every purchase of the fox will result in a donation being made to the WWF to help endangered species around the world. The regular Fennec Fox (second one below) will be coming to United Kingdom on 9 September 2011.

Do you like these two fox? Are you going to be buying them when they come out? Leave a comment and let us know!


As you may have noticed from the latest Bearville Times, you now have the opportunity to show off your braces in Bearville!

Simply visit the Bee Stylin’ Salon, and you will be able to customize the look of your mouth. Here is my character trying out a look with braces:


Be sure to visit Bear University for a free Apple Notebook, most likely to celebrate going “back to school”.

As much as many of us dislike school, it’s great that we are receiving an item to celebrate it, don’t you think? Let us know!


Occasionally, you will receive a free item for reading the Bearville Times all the way until the last page. With Regards to the issue of Bearville Times released on August 17/18, 2011, reading to the last page will get you a free Blue Paw Sun Visor.

The item is essentially worth 50 bills. Here is a picture of my Bearville character with the item: